GR-8 Shuttles

Single bobbin - Cast resin, plain or swirled colors
$28.00 each


Randy discovered another hobby; mold making and casting plastic resin.


These new GR-8 plastic resin cast shuttles work great. The operational feature of the screw tension adjustment is a little more consistent than the wood shuttles. Because they are a little easier to make than the wooden shuttles they can be offered at a more economical rate. The single bobbin resin shuttles can be purchased for $ 28.00 each.


The shuttles range a little in size. Most are the medium size as pictured, approximately 2 1/4 inches including hook. The larger size is about 2 1/2 inches in length. May not have size choice when ordering.

The casting material used comes as off-white or white. The off-white has a resemblance to bone, so reference the color as pseudo-bone.

The casting material can be colored with a variety of dyes: green, black, yellow, orange, blue, and red.

It is hard to consistently control the exact color so the above picture shows the variance between a lightly colored mix verses a heavily colored mix. As such, the shade of color for a particular shuttle made may not be exactly the same as another, but somewhere in between.



The dye colors can be dropped in the resin mix to provide a swirled appearance. Each shuttle done this way has a different pattern.


The plain resin single bobbin shuttles are $28 each. No shipping charges.

Single bobbin - Cast resin, carved shuttles
$38.00+ each

Carving is a lot of fun but very time consuming, thus, much more expensive. Now, having created molds for the following shuttles, they are reproducible and can be offered at much lower cost.

The following carved shuttles can be purchased for $ 38.00 each.



Carved Celtic knot                                                       Carved Roses


Raised Love-heart with red coral inlay                     Raised Love-heart with malachite inlay

Other inlay material: lapis, pink coral, turquoise, and ground silver. Shuttles with inlay materials will cost more. Ask for a quote.


Carved Dragon face                                                 Raised Dragon


The resin shuttles can be scrimshawed (needle and/or knife etching). The following are examples and exact replication may not be available. Contact Randy for design considerations.

Scrimshaw Dragon face                                          Scrimshaw Flowers


Single bobbin - Cast resin with embedded casting.
$40.00 each

Casting can be done with semi-clear plastic, called water because of the milky appearance.

Small trinkets can be placed in the mold to capture the design in one end or the other of the shuttle. These types of shuttles are limited to availability of "trinkets" that can fit within the shuttle's body. The embedded single shuttles are $ 40.00 each.


He can be reached at or by snail mail:
GR-8 Shuttles
Randy Houtz
128 Eagle Ln
Ignacio, CO 81137 USA
(970) 764-5802 (evenings)

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To order shuttles or books, contact Randy at the address, phone number or email address listed above.

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