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GR-8 Double-bobbin Shuttles

The GR-8 Double-bobbin shuttle, by Gary and Randy Houtz, was first developed in 1994 and went patent pending in 1995. The GR-8 Double-bobbin shuttle has two stacked bobbins, one on top of the other. The bobbins are held together in the shuttle by a binding screw. One half of the screw contacts the shuttle and the other half contacts the bobbins. The shuttle must be assembled correctly to operate properly. The flat-head, or decorative portion of the binding screw is the recipient side and the slot-head bolt is the screw. The flat-head post goes on top, through the smaller hole and the slotted screw goes in through the larger hole on the bottom of the shuttle.
Right--tight, Left--loose; looking down on the screw.

The Double-bobbin resin shuttles range a little in size.
The double-bobbin shuttles are about 2 1/2 inches, including hook.

The casting material used comes as ecru or white. The ecru has a resemblance to bone, so will refer to the color as pseudo-bone. Color can be added to the resin as with the single bobbin GR-8 Shuttles.

Having the ability to cast the GR-8 Double-bobbin shuttle now makes them easier to reproduce, as such, less expensive.

Randy, being a person to appreciate all the attributes of wood, really likes using the resin shuttles. He was not sure of the plastic but it was not long using one that he still uses one (a plain pseudo-bone) often, when tatting. Similar to wood, they develop a nice sheen after some extended use.

The resin Double-bobbin shuttles are $38 each. No shipping charges.

He can be reached at or by snail mail:
GR-8 Shuttles
Randy Houtz
128 Eagle Ln
Ignacio, CO 81137 USA
(970) 764-5802 (evenings)

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