Tatting GR-8 Alternate Threads, Color Edition



The Tatting GR-8 Alternate Threads book is Gary and Randy's third tatting book. The book is 69 pages long, self-published, in color, and perfect bond. The book isn't very fancy but the tatting techniques presented sure can be. This book is an attempt to show how; with hopes that others will find it as simple and versatile as they have.
Alternate thread tatting can be simply described as tatting rings and chain at the same time. If you already know how to tat, this technique should be fairly easy. You only need two shuttles.

This technique allows the tatter another way to tat rings on rings in addition to placing picots over picots and rings over picots. Adding another thread into the ring opens a wide variety of possibilities.

The Alternate Thread book also shows how to place double stitches on the open thread of the picot within a ring. The book goes on to show how to combine the different techniques into one ring.

There is a brief explanation about using a 2-bobbin shuttle.

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